Boripat Lebel is a research coordinator at the Unit for Social and Environmental Research (USER) at Chiang Mai University. Before this, he studied at the Australian National University; majoring in Physics, and Theoretical Physics. During his last year at the ANU, he assumed the role of fashion columnist for the student newspaper, Woroni. After graduating, Boripat did a communications internship at the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) in Bangkok, followed by an online marketing internship at Syndacast.

Boripat Lebel
Photo: Boripat

Boripat Lebel is the author of “A Vomit of Diamonds”; a free novella available on several ebook platforms. Social media wise, he can be found on LinkedIn and Instagram. Boripat created this site so that he could share his work and varied interests, including articles on culture, humor, style & science.