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Vogue Thailand Sets the Bangkok Trend

Fashion bible Vogue Thailand brings international style to Siam in its glossy pages.

Photo: Vogue Thailand

The pages of Vogue Thailand religiously convey the best and most extravagant elements of western praxis to the burgeoning masses in Thailand; decidedly hungry for the unexampled exclusivity of Chanel couture, Louis Vuitton purses, Dior perfumes, and beauty products from La Mer. Vogue distinguishes itself from the mass by filling up the glossy sheets with glamorous shoots that evoke phantasms of luxury, travel, and beauty. Naturally, the audiences of this monthly are those of the supreme haut monde, made-up of fashion mavens, seasoned boulevardiers, and aristocratic heiresses.

One of the youngest sisters in the mushrooming line of international versions (launched relatively recent, in February 2013) Vogue Thailand stood out immediately before it even hit national stands. A man had been offered the place of editor-in-chief. This revelation, met with great media fanfare and internet discussions, no less, made him the third male in Vogue’s 122 years of history to take up the top job wherein ordinarily was ordained to a shrewd editrix (such as Anna Wintour).

Mr. Kullawit Laosuksri’s first Vogue cover put a modern gilded “chada” (a kind of Thai tiara) in the center of the photo, interlacing the five white letters that make up the title. This image, powerful in its symbolism, acknowledges that tradition and globalization can indeed complement each other to produce something more unique and interesting – not all models must wear Burberry trench coats or Oscar de la Renta ball gowns in the glitzy spreads.

Since then, the magazine has made it an objective to produce covers that reflect significant cultural moods and content that sets possible future trends. By the same token, sensationalistic journalism, spectacular photojournalism, and an editorial styling that surrealistically showcases the kaleidoscopic commodities that bestrew the world’s energetic fashion landscape, all combine, make Vogue Thailand a worthy accessory in the eyes of its sophisticated readership; growing in numbers with each new issue.

International supermodels and frequent landers on the Victoria’s Secret runways such as Naomi Campbell, Karlie Kloss, and Liu Wen have graced these pages in the past years since its inception; signaling that the celebrities of Earth are taking this edition of the voguish empire quite seriously despite its junior status in the world of publishing and mass media. Not without our own trove of stars, Aum Patcharapa (Thailand’s answer to Hollywood’s Angelina Jolie) became the Dior-clad cynosure for the magazine’s September Issue; the biggest and most important installment in the industry’s calendar.

As the people of old Siam increasingly crave for institutionalized brands that highlights the wearer and impresses the beholder, may it be a dress from Prada or a Zara blouse, an anti-aging serum by Lancôme or a mascara from L’Oréal, Vogue Thailand and its online update will continuously endeavor to keep Thais fashionably and beautifully informed about the next wizardry in textile design, the safest hues for each new season, plus the latest in cosmetic chemistry. Only a few years young, Vogue Thailand’s ascent to becoming the fashion bible of its presiding country has only just begun.

By Boripat Lebel

Boripat Lebel is a research coordinator at the Unit for Social and Environmental Research at Chiang Mai University. He authored the eBook “A Vomit of Diamonds.” Boripat can also be found on LinkedIn .