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Smart City for Migrant Workers Workshop

Participated in the Chaing Mai smart city workshop as a facilitator for the smart people team.

Photo: Caleb Ling

On Saturday 24 March 2018 I helped out at the “Chiang Mai Smart City for Migrant Workers” workshop. The workshop was organized by Caleb Ling, an American Master’s student from the Department of Geography at the Faculty of Social Sciences, and hosted by Dr. Ora-orn Poocharoen, Director of the Chiang Mai University School of Public Policy. My role in the workshop was a facilitator for one of the three groups, including: smart governance, smart living, and smart people. I was the team leader for the smart people group.

My team was made up of 11 individuals, both Burmese and foreigners, and mostly involved in education. It was a great mix of people, gender and ages. The exchanges were interesting and fruitful. It was a pleasure chatting to members of the team and listening to their opinions. Migrant culture and identity, it was underlined, are important, and should be valued and taught. Overall I think it was a successful workshop.

As a side note, this was my first time facilitating in a formal workshop; previously I tended to be assigned the assistant type roles. Thus I really appreciated this opportunity to gain experience and develop my facilitation skills. I sincerely hope that I get to be involved in such workshops again in the future.

By Boripat Lebel

Boripat Lebel is a research coordinator at the Unit for Social and Environmental Research at Chiang Mai University. He authored the eBook “A Vomit of Diamonds.” Boripat can also be found on LinkedIn .