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Brown Café Bubble Tea Chiang Mai

Brown Café is a chic and popular bubble tea cafe with an extensive menu, located in the middle of the fashionable area of Nimman in Chiang Mai.

Photo: Chomchanok Boonpradit

Brown Café is a bubble tea shop nestled in the labyrinthine area of Nimman district; a very fashionable spot to be in and confusing place to navigate around. The establishment occupies a two-story townhouse, and resembles a high-end boutique from the outside. The interior and decor overall is a pale wood, loft inspired theme; and the lighting a bright warm cast. The cafe is exceedingly busy; one need not sit here for more than a few minutes to conclude that Brown Café is a hot and trending bubble tea joint in Chiang Mai. Moreover, the clientele are the kind that pay attention to their dress.

The choices on the menu are what this writer would call “full of pizzazz”. To wit, drink names such as “Strawberry marble latte with rainbow bubble”; which is what yours truly ordered, as a matter of course. The beverage, when it arrived, looked like something that was squeezed out of a rainbow. The cup’s inner surface was dripping with veins of strawberry syrup, juxtaposing with the whiteness of the creamy milk; thus producing the marble-like effect the drink’s name implied. The tapioca pearls came in a kaleidoscopic array of fun colors; reminiscent of assorted gummy bears. The liquid dessert tasted as sweet as it looked, and the tapioca balls were agreeably chewy and flavorsome. All in all, a fantastical libation that embodies the expression, full of pizzazz! 

By Boripat Lebel

Boripat Lebel is a research coordinator at the Unit for Social and Environmental Research at Chiang Mai University. He authored the eBook “A Vomit of Diamonds.” Boripat can also be found on LinkedIn .