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Kradas Cafe Dessert Gallery Chiang Mai

Kradas Cafe is a dessert parlour in Chiang Mai decorated in the style of a fun and fantastical, papery zoo and garden land.

Photo: Warathida Chaiyapa

Kradas Cafe is a themed dessert parlor decorated in the style of an art gallery that is putting on a fairy tale exhibition populated with enlarged flowers and adorable animals, all craftily sculpted from a spectrum of pastel colored paper. The sugary cuteness of the decor is an effective magnet to the instagrammy set; and the lighting in the rooms decidedly flattering, almost negating the need for exaggerated and vainglorious filters. The offerings on the menu here include a wide and kaleidoscopic assortment of cakes and calorific beverages; the dishes and glasses of which come bedazzled with pretty and papery accoutrements for enhanced cuteness effect.

For this visit yours truly tried two celebrated fares at Kradas Cafe. The chocolate iced drink was spectacular: super rich with a bold dark cocoa flavour, and an exquisite milkshake-like thick texture to boot. In addition, the added edible black charcoal powder lent this bittersweet beverage a mysterious noir quality. Beside it, the captivating and steamy lava cake was also heavenly divine; a hot to the touch crusty and chewy petit gâteau, which, at a gentle poke of the spoon, released a gushing warm flow of treacly chocolate fondant. Also worthy of note, the presentations for both sweets were thoughtfully crafted, appropriately cute with dainty details, and most worthy of being featured in the desserts section of a highly respected gourmet monthly.

By Boripat Lebel

Boripat Lebel is a research coordinator at the Unit for Social and Environmental Research at Chiang Mai University. He authored the eBook “A Vomit of Diamonds.” Boripat can also be found on LinkedIn .